ink sketch of 1950s boy speaking into radio microphone, wearing "Junior Jury" pin on sweater

On January 15th, 1952, at 7:30 PM a unique radio program began broadcasting over the airwaves of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio affiliate CKRM into the homes of listeners across southeastern Saskatchewan.

For eight weeks, audiences tuned into “Junior Jury”, a panel discussion about family life in Indian Head. Some of the shows were recorded in the homes of local residents, and young followers were offered $1 to submit questions for jury members to consider.

small green badge with torn edges and yellow text reading Junior Jury 1952
1952 Junior Jury Badge, saved by Doreen Bennett.

The series was a joint effort between the research team and the local Home and School Club.

John Cumming highlighted key themes raised during five of the broadcasts in a column for the local paper, the Indian Head News. As you can see when you survey these columns below, the broadcasts dealt with teenage rebellion, aggressive children and their need for parental approval and affection.

Kids Go on Air article
Indian Head News, 6 December 1951. Transcription.
Juniors Intrigue newspaper article
Indian Head News, 24 Jan 1952. Transcription.












Indian Head News, 7 February 1952. Transcription.
Indian Head News, 14 February 1952. Transcription.











Indian Head News, 21 February 1952.  Transcription
Indian Head News, 6 March 1952. Transcription