Personal Life, 1957-2013


Personal Life, 1957-2013

A Young David: photograph of a young David. Dated 1957.

Caution Sheet: document from David’s patient case file. Dated November 22nd, 1965.

There Came a Knockin on my Head: slim volume of poems written by David. Dated 1967.

David’s 1976 Christmas: photograph from David’s Christmas in 1976.

Musical Comedy: story for a musical comedy written by David entitled “Dammed if you do! OR, who says Ward 7 is Revolting?” Dated 1980.

Background Story: background story describing the renaissance of the Ward 7 Musical Comedy sparked by the creative minds of David Reville, John Piper and Brian Metcalfe. Circa 1980.

A Collage of the Ward 7 Musical Comedy: collage of photos of “Damned if you do,” the Ward 7 Musical Comedy. Dated 1980.

Choir Performance: pamphlet for a performance by the New Choir and The St. James Town Children’s Choir. Dated April 20th, 2013.