Politician and Advocate, 1980-1996



Politician and Advocate, 1980-1996

David’s Glamour Shot: photograph of David’s glamour shot for Toronto Life. Dated 1981.

Environmental Citizen Engagement: article from the Ward Seven News titled “Council funds citizens” written by David when he was city councilor. It speaks to the city-approved grant of $50,000 to fund citizens’ group. Dated April 1983.

Two Photographs of David: first photograph is of David with Bob and Arlene Rae on the Danforth. Dated 1985. Second photograph is of when David met Queen Elizabeth II in Riverdale Park. Dated 1984.

Note from the Ontario Patients’ Self-Help Association: a thank you letter addressed to David from Don Weitz from the Ontario Patients’ Self-Help Association. March 30th, 1984.

Election Campaign: photo of two of David’s supporters holding a sign reading “Elect David Reville” during one of his electoral campaigns. Dated 1985.

David Canvassing: photograph of David canvassing on the Danforth. Dated 1985.

Leaving Civic Politics: political cartoon of a man with the caption “man who revels in sweeping will always find a house to clean” beneath it. Dated 1985.

David after Winning Riverdale Nomination: photograph of David after he had just won the Riverdale NDP nomination. He is with Lynn McDonald, the MP during that time. Dated March 1985.

David at Work: three photographs of David; the top image is of David’s election victory party in 1985, the middle photo was captured during a singsong event at McLeary Towers (a senior’s home) 1986 the bottom one is of David speaking to renowned street nurse, Cathy Crowe, 1987.

Opening of a Daycare Centre: photograph of David during the opening of a daycare centre. Dated 1986.

David with a Legislative Page: photograph of David when he served as a Member of Provincial Parliament for Riverdale, posing alongside a Legislative Page. Circa 1986.

Fundraising: poster advertising Reville’s Revue: Right, Left and Centre, a fundraiser for David’s riding association. Dated September 26th, 1986.

Letter to Debbi Mauro: letter to D. Mauro from David making suggestions regarding report being written by Mental Health Division, Ministry of Health, to be distributed by the Guardianship Committee. Dated October 22nd, 1986.

Lead Contamination in South Riverdale: article from The Globe and Mail titled “Get the lead out, MPP urges.” Dated November 19th, 1986.

David Speaking to Barbara Hall: photograph of David speaking to B. Hall at a fall festival in Cabbagetown. Circa 1987.

David’s Constituency Office: photograph of David posing in front of his constituency office in his electoral riding of Riverdale. Circa 1987.

David Working at Constituency Office: photograph of David at his constituency office. Circa 1987.

David with David Crombie: photograph of David with The Honourable D. Crombie at a conference hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Circa 1987.

David in front of Ontario Legislature: photograph of David posing in front of the Ontario Legislature. Circa 1987.

David in Egypt: photograph of David with John Trainor and Kathryn Church in Egypt. Circa 1987.

David during a Photoshoot: photograph of David during a photoshoot at Queen’s Park. Circa 1987.

David and Bob Rae: photograph of David and former Premier of Ontario, B. Rae, with Dave Cooke in the background. Dated 1987.

Amendments to Bill 190: David’s report to caucus regarding additional amendments to Bill 190: An Act to Amend the Mental Health Act. Dated 1987.

Private Member’s Bill: document regarding third reading of David’s private member’s Bill 10: An Act to Amend the Landlord and Tenant Act. The bill’s purpose was to bring roomers, boarders and lodgers under the Landlord and Tenant Act, giving them the same rights and protections as other renters. Dated 1987.

Legal Protection: article from the Toronto Star titled “More legal protection urged for roomers.” It supports David’s private bill, setting out the lack of housing rights for roomers, boarders and lodgers in comparison to that of tenants under the Landlord and Tenant Act. Dated January 25th, 1987.

Winnipeg Annual General Meeting: sub-section of paper discussing The Canadian Mental Health Association’s Annual General Meeting, where David served as the guest speaker. Dated March 1987.

Nicaragua Delegation Program: official program delivered to the Parliamentarian Delegation. Dated March 13th to 23rd, 1987.

Mental Health Legislation: two newspaper clippings discussing the provincial legislature’s decision to allow mental health patients to refuse medical treatment, demonstrating that it is possible for opposition members (in this case David) to change the law; the first article is from The Globe and Mail and the second is from the Toronto Star. Both dated June 10th, 1987.

New Housing Law: article from the Toronto Star titled “No provincial plan yet, group charges on keeping up supply of apartments.” Relates to Bill 11, the Rental Housing Protection Act, and David’s critique of the Liberal government inaction on housing. Dated June 12th, 1987.

NDP News Release: news release given by David, the then NDP Housing Critic, a critique of the Minister of Housing’s actions. Dated June 23rd, 1987.

1987 Election Analysis: article from the Toronto Star titled “Lessons of Battle of Riverdale.” It discusses the unlikelihood of Liberal Jim Karygiannis defeating NDP incumbent, David Reville, in Toronto’s Riverdale riding. Dated June 27th, 1987.

Housing Crisis in Toronto: article from the Toronto Star titled “Block party signals start of renovations at historic units.” Article about a pioneering Toronto housing co-op. Dated June 28th, 1987.

Business for Monday: schedule for legislative business. Dated June 29th, 1987.

Housing Victory: an article from the Cabbagetown-Riverdale News talking about the passing of Bill 10, an act to amend the Landlord and Tenant Act to include the protection of roomers, boarders and lodgers. Dated July 22nd, 1987.

David during Greek Independence Day: photograph of David at the cenotaph on Greek Independence Day. Circa 1988.

Certificate of Appreciation: document recognizing David’s service to the National Board of Directors of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Dated 1988.

Letter to Ed Pennington: letter to E. Pennington from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) expressing his appreciation for and acknowledgement of the efforts of David at the CMHA’s Newfoundland Division. Dated March 7th, 1988.

David and Eva Walsh: photograph of David and E. Walsh in Newfoundland. Dated 1988.

Notice of cheque from Bonnie Burstow and Don Weitz for $13.34 (total amount of royalties) being paid to David. Dated May 3rd, 1989.

Letter from Barbara Fitchette: letter sent to David from B. Fitchette thanking him for his support training staff at the Gerstein Centre before it opened. Dated July 10th, 1989.

Community Treatment Orders: publicity materials for a public meeting at PARC regarding community treatment orders. Dated 1990.

Certificate of Appreciation: document recognizing David’s contribution to the South Riverdale Community Health Centre. Dated 1990.

Legislative Hansard: Official Report of Debates discussing the Mental Health Amendment Act during the 34th Parliament. Dated June 14th, 1990.

Letter to Bob Rae: letter sent to B. Rae from the Canadian Mental Health Association outlining the significant role that David played as a spokesperson for mental health patients during his time at the Ontario Legislature. Dated August 31st, 1990.

Political Cartoon: political cartoon published in The Globe and Mail.  Dated September 8th, 1990.

Welcoming Address: David’s welcoming address at The Role of the Mental Hospital in the 21st-Century event in London, Ontario, representing the Ontario Ministry of Health. Dated October 24th to 26th, 1990.

Letter from Bob Rae: letter addressed to David from B. Rae (from the International Brotherhood of Magicians) on David’s retirement. Dated shortly before the 1990 election in Ontario.

Patient Self-Help Group: article about David’s speech in Brockville regarding a new self-help group from the Brockville Recorder & Times titled “Fight by mentally ill for dignity must be expanded, says Reville.” Dated January 17th, 1991.

Fundraiser: poster advertising Eat Reville, a dinner with a number of political speakers, such as David and Bob Rae. Dated April 4th, 1991.

Advertising David’s Speech: poster advertising a speech given by David hosted by The Network Club of Allegany Rehabilitation Associates. Dated May 10th, 1991.

Letters from Joni Joseph: two letters from J. Joseph; the first dated April 8th, 1991, discloses David’s lodging details during his stay at the Southern Tier of New York, and the second dated May 24th, 1991, discusses her gratitude to David for his impact made in Allegany County.

Letter from Barbara Hall: letter sent to David from B. Hall professing her admiration for David’s dedication to politics and for being a voice for the most vulnerable. Dated April 4th, 1991.

Letter from David Cooke: etter sent to David from D. Cooke reminiscing about their time spent together, and thanking him for his service and friendship. Dated April 4th, 1991.

Humour: text written by Nora McKay titled “And we’ll toss in the rubber chicken” satirizing a letter that David received from a mental health organization. Circa 1994-1995.

Official Chair Appointment: Order in Council appointing David to be the full-time Chair of the Advocacy Commission for the span of three years. Dated October 7th, 1994.

Letter to the Editor: letter addressed written by David addressed to the editor of an article titled “Advocacy Act gone” published in The Toronto Star on April 22nd, 1996, criticizing their article’s many flaws.

Government Telephone Directory & David’s Legislative Pass: Government of Ontario’s telephone directory from 1995 to 1996, photograph of David’s floor pass to enter the Ontario Legislative Chamber, 1990.