Beckman Papers – Additional

Beckman Papers – Additional

1.     Notes and Draft Writing: Sanity, Madness, and the Federal Incentives to Industries Program, Lanny Beckman, n.d.

2.     Psychotherapy – Reading Suggestions by Lannie Beckman: Vancouver Public Library, Radicals Look at the Books, Fourth in a Series Arranged by the Committee for Radical Reading, November 14, 1972.

3.     Articles to Terry re Book Project: List of article references, Lanny Beckman, June 2, 1974.

4.     UBC Day Care Program Song Sheet: Songs to Get Over a Nervous Breakdown By, Master List, January 1975.

5.     On the Political and Economic Implications of Canadian Psychiatry: by the Mental Patients Association, Vancouver, BC (Research Section), January 1974. (Researchers: Lanny Beckman and Stan Persky.)

6.     A Study of the Hip Adolescent, His Family and the Generation Gap: A research report submitted to the Committee on Youth, Lanning J. Beckman, May 1970.