Beckman Papers – Box 2 – Anti-Textbook

Beckman Papers – Box 2 – Anti-Textbook

1.     Anti Textbook letters: Letters (mostly drafts) by Lanny Beckman on the topic of the “First Draft Book Proposal” with a list of people to send them to. Talk about writing a book with chapters from many different people.

2.     Anti Textbook Proposal: First draft of Psychology Anti-Textbook outline with introductory letter. The Anti-Textbook is a collection of readings in radical psychology for the purpose of teaching psychology students non-traditional (i.e. better) psychology.

3.     Anti Textbook Proposal 2: Outline for a Psychology Anti-Textbook by Phil Brown and Lanny Beckman that is a collection of essays “by radicals criticizing what’s taught in psychology.” The book is meant for psychology students.

4.     Clinical Psychology As Political Activity: Paper called “Clinical Psychology As Political Activity” that discusses the “curing” of homosexuals through electrical shocks as well as the newfound prevalence of lobotomies on the depressed and unusual. Discusses behavior modification in general.

5.     Correspondence – Lanny and others: Correspondence between Lanny Beckman and others (mostly Phil Brown of the Radical Therapist/Rough Times). Concerning various personal and professional topics. ~ 30 letters.

6.     Mailing list: Membership list for the Society for the Psychological Study or Social Issues. Dated January 1972.

7.     Notes: Handwritten notes that seem to be a draft for the introduction to the Anti-Textbook or at least a letter to psychology students.

8.     Radical Therapist Letters: Series of letters between Lanny Beckman and Phil Brown. Also has letter (and draft) to the Society of Psychological Study canceling his subscription because Beckman is dropping out of psychology.

9.     Rough Times Newsletter: Newsletter by Rough Times/Radical Therapist announcing the name change from Rough Times to Radical Therapist.  Dated around January 22, 1973

10.  Science For People: Paper titled “Science for the People” that discusses the role of science and research in serving the government and corporations and purposes that science should be more orientated to the peoples’ needs.

11.  Ship of Fools: Article from the New York Review of Books titled “Ship of Fools” about a series of films made in and about mental hospitals.

12.  Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues: Pamphlet by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues and a list of publications by the same organization.

13.  Telos #7: Issue 7 of Telos newsletter about Marxism. Spring 1971.

14.  Telos # 9: Issue 7 of Telos newsletter about Marxism. Fall 1971.