Beckman Papers – Legal Size

Beckman Papers – Legal Size

1.     MPA Activities Newsletter: A description of different activities on different days of the week. Includes notes from a policy meeting on violence and dealing with the police and hospitals in these situations.

2.     MPA Community Service Project 1973: Heavily damaged for first few pages. Legal documents concerning several topics, including an application for  funds  from the Government of Canada under the ‘Local Employment Assistance Program’. Includes documents of incorporation for the MPA. Includes tax receipts.

3.     MPA Contact list: List of names, addresses and phone numbers in alphabetical order.

4.     MPA Contacts: List of names, addresses and phone numbers in alphabetical order. Notes who is on the Central Committee.

5.     MPA Coordinators: List of MPA coordinators with names, phone numbers and addresses along with titles. Has directory of Residences and Drop ins. Has list of emergency numbers.

6.     MPA Lists of Coordinators and Contacts: Multiple lists of MPA coordinators and residences. Includes dates for many lists. From ~1972 – ~1974. Includes list of ‘MPA elected people’ and ‘Research Project’ people.

7.     MPA Members: Membership list from July 24th 1972 with names, addresses and phone numbers.

8.     MPA – NDP Action Bulletin: Pamphlet from NDP on various local topics including a meeting for ‘a new king of community mental health clinic’ on July 2nd (no year given).

9.     MPA Notification of Registration 1971: Various legal and financial documents related to the MPA. Includes Notification of Registration, Incorporation documents,  a memo on hiring two new research positions, two Local Initiatives Program Applications, Projected Operating costs  for 1973-1976 and Project cost estimates.

10.  MPA Pamphlet Rock Opera Act II: A pamphlet text about the MPA and its role in the community. Describes coordinators work and the residence program.

11.  MPA Public Meeting – July 24 1973: A pamphlet for a meeting in Kits United Church that will discuss mental health in the community and includes information on treatment principles, finances and policy guidelines.

12.  MPA Recommendations on Research: A document discussing the benefits of abolishing two research positions and replacing them with “service” positions. March 26, 1973

13.  MPA Sensitivity Training Article: Photocopy of an article from the Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal titled ‘On the Psychiatric and Social Implications of Sensitivity Training’. With annotations.

14.  MPA Songs: Collection of various song lyrics including popular protest songs from the time, union and labor songs and a specially created MPA song (last page).

15.  MPA Staff: List of MPA staff and MPA elected people with names, addresses  and phone numbers, grouped by location/occupation.

16.  MPA Submission to Employment Assistance Program: A submission to the Local Employment Assistance Program from the MPA on an amended budget proposal. Includes financial charts.

17.  MPA the MPA Way – page 1 of 2: A paper on MPA principals and policy.

18.  MPA the MPA Way – page 2 of 2: Poor quality scan. Indecipherable.