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On January 11 2015 we had ninety-three year old Olive Bailey with us on stage. She was a living piece of history. She was part of the team at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing as they worked at deciphering the Enigma encoded German communications during WWII. She was so entertaining! We featured the biodrama Codebreaker. Her comments were a counterpoint the blockbuster Imitation Game’s version of the story that was in theatres at the time.  38min



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2018 Chomavision – a bipolar journey

A documentary made by Bruce Saunders about the Bipolar experience through the life of Bob Choma including some of Bruce’s own story. A passion project that took 25 years to complete.

Daughter Of Chaos – Helani Davidson

Biographical performance on the topics of mental illness and addiction. A certified addictions counsellor, now writer and educator, Davison uses prose and poetry to look back on her six eventful decades. This dramatic reading describes profound struggles of her personal journey, beginning with a childhood traumatized by a mother who suffered from a painful mental illness, Paranoid Schizophrenia.

24 min version

113 min with Q&A

Adam Lando Q&A with The Boy Inside: a journey into autism

Adam Lando, subject of a documentary made by his mother. Now he is a promising high school grad. Lando survived his school experiences, being bullied because of his Aspergers, now, after graduating, the “young man inside” looks back on that time and forward to his life as entrepreneur and rapper.

Jonathan Beard Q&A with West 47th Street

Beard, whose father helped found NY’s Fountain House, is deeply involved with the Clubhouse International movement. He came from Seattle to speak in support of the
local Clubhouse fundraiser.

A.C.E. Association for Consumer Empowerment

This video was shot and edited by Bruce, produced through the local cable station. It describes a “consumer”-run drop-in clubhouse, by and for people living with mental illness.

Movie Monday talk at Dignity Conference

A presentation with slides at a mental health conference three years into MM’s run, then completely voluntarily. It shows the enthusiasm and passion I had as it was proving out to be a successful grassroots program.