Hamilton – MPA/Personal Photos

MPA / Personal Photos, circa late 1970s and early 1980s

Two people at table: one on left has a yellow tshirt and baseball cap and one on right has white tshirt and cap
Stuart Mckenna and Denise Costain, workshop co-ordinators
1970s person with long hair seated and turning sideways to look at the camers
Iain Key, Workshop employee and member
person with dark hair and beard wearing grey jacket, another person with dark hair wearing a tank top behind
Denise Costain workshop co-ordinator and Richard Morgan, member
3 people standing and drinking beers: dark haired bearded person on left wearing brown sports jacket, dark haired person in middle with mutton chops, shirt and vest, person on right with dark hair and clean-shaven
Denise Costain, ? and ? socializing
person with short dark hair wearing red tshirt, dunagrees, sitting in a chair
Kurt Walsh, member
Person with dark hair, plaid shirt and brown trousers standing in front of kitchen sink giving a thumbs up
Stuart Mckenna, Work Shop Co-ordinator
person with dark hair, mustache, white trousers and red tshirt sitting on couch and talkin on phone
Arthur Giovinazzo, Office Supervisor and House Co-ordinator
person with long brown hair sitting in front of TV wearing a plaid shirt
Peter Medvesky, workshop employee and member
person with long dark hair and mustache leaning over table, person with strawberry blond hair wearing blouse sitting at table
? and Eve Hamilton, Co-ord for West 10 and Phoenix