Gozzola – MPA Black/White Album

MPA – Black and White Album, 1970s

young woman in hat playing pool
Patty playing pool at the MPA Drop-In, circa 1976.
1960s style woman on phone in office
A fixture at the Drop-In, Jane Mullens was MPA secretary from 1973 until 1981.
smiling man in a room
Friend and housemate of Lanny Beckman, Stan Persky did MPA research and organizational jobs from 1973-75.
man with dark hair and glasses sitting on couch
Fred Fisher found community and purpose at the early MPA Drop-In.
young boy against the sky
Doug Servant, Patty’s son, was frequently at the Drop-In.
man with long hair and a hat
Hired to manage the MPA Farm in 1971, Lloyd Howarth later worked as Transportation coordinator and directed “One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest”.
man with dark hair and mustache sitting with his knees up
Unknown MPA member.
man sitting on couch with window behind
Unknown MPA member sitting in front of the Drop-In windows.
women and man standing in house kitchen
Anita and unknown MPA house resident.
3 young women and a man with long hair and a beard all sitting together with the woods behind.
Patty Servant, Eve Hamilton, Uncle Earl, Karen Khan. Eve Hamilton was involved with MPA from 1973 into the 1980s, working as office and residence coordinator.
man with pea coat and sweater
Phil Pelzman was MPA Drop-In Coordinator and Patty’s partner in the early 1970s.
three men standing with their backs to the camera
Dave Beamish, Gary Pogral, unknown. Beamish worked as Drop-In coordinator and then ran the Riverview Project before he left MPA at the end of the 1970s.
4 men standing in front of a building site wearing work clothes.
Building Geoff McMurchy’s accessible apartment at the Drop-In: Stuart McKenna, Sean Duplain, Dennis Costain, Bud Oujal.