Theses / Unpublished

Theses / Unpublished


Allen, Thomas. Someone to talk to: Care and Control of the homeless. 1997. Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1997. Thesis discusses the life experiences of the homeless in BC and their life histories.

Carson, J. P. From the voices of experience, the road to recovery. Unpublished MSW thesis, University of British Columbia, 2000. Thesis presents stories of six individuals and their experience in the psychiatric system to consider possible routes to healing.

Ejiogu, Nwadiogo Ijeoma. “A Clinic for the World”: Race, Biomedical Citizenship and Gendered National Subject Formation in Canada. Unpublished MA thesis, University of Toronto, 2009. Thesis discusses Canada’s history of using state policy to reject immigrants and maintain Canada as a “white, healthy, fit, and productive” nation and the author’s personal experience with this topic.

Everett, Barbara Leader. A Fragile Revolution: Consumers and psychiatric survivors confront the power of the mental health system. PhD thesis, York University, 1997. Thesis discusses mental health reform, the involvement of ex-patients and practitioners, centering on the experiences of four individuals.

Gendron, Jean-Philippe, Autour de la folie: essai sur Michel Foucault, Thèse de maîtrise en sociologie, Université Laval, 2003, 169 p.  

Jackson, Kevin. Victorian Madness in Ontario: A Mad People’s History of the Mimico Branch Asylum, 1882-1908, Major Research Paper for M.A., York University, 2016, 70 p. Taking a mad-centered perspective on institutional structures, policy and practice, and the experiences of patients, this paper reveals both institutional power and patient agency.

Macdonald, M. E. Hearing (unheard) voices: Aboriginal experiences of mental health policy in Montreal. Unpublished PhD thesis, McGill University, 2003. Thesis examines the mental health experiences of Indigenous people living in Montreal with regards to policy, and the lack of culturally-sensitive and holistic care services for them. Presents the life stories of three Indigenous Montreal residents.

Paskauskas, R. Andrew. Ernest Jones: A Critical Study of His Scientific Development (1896- 1913). Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: University of Toronto, 1985.

Stewart, S. L. Indigenous mental health: Canadian native counsellors’ narratives. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Victoria, 2007. Thesis discusses the importance of the cultural perspective in mental health services for the Indigenous people of Canada and describes the experiences of five Indigenous counsellors.

Tait, Donna Marlene. The Potential for Emotional Healing in Illness: A Journey of Meaning-Making. Unpublished MA thesis, University of Victoria, 2004. Thesis discusses the importance of making meaning in illness to help with emotional healing. Includes short participant biographies.

Tully, Tracey Lynn. On Being Homeless: Women’s Sense of Connection. Unpublished MScN thesis, University of Toronto, 1997. Thesis examines the lives of homeless women and their relationships with others. Includes personal narratives of women included in the study.