Theses / Unpublished

Theses / Unpublished


Atkinson, J.S. Review of information systems for administration and planning in the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s mental health and addictions services. Unpublished MPA thesis, University of Victoria, 2003. Thesis discusses the health information requirements of health care workers in VIHA Mental Health and Addiction Services and the system’s structure. Considers the strengths and weaknesses of that system, including regarding community supports.

Baehre, Rainer. From Pauper Lunatics to Bucke: Studies in the Management of Lunacy in 19th Century Ontario. Unpublished M.A. Thesis: University of Waterloo, 1976. 

Bouchard, Daniel et Simon Doucet. L’état et l’administration des institutions asilaires au Québec, 1845-1895, Mémoire de maîtrise (histoire), Université du Québec à Montréal, 1985. 

Brown, J. Creating the therapeutic reality: An ethnographic account of an outpatient therapeutic community at a university psychiatric hospital. Unpublished MA thesis, University of British Columbia, 2010. Thesis is an account of daily life at an outpatient centre at a university psychiatric hospital and includes a discussion of an outpatient therapeutic community.

Brown, Thomas E. “Living with God’s Afflicted”: A History of the Provincial Lunatic Asylum at Toronto, 1830-1911. Ph.D. thesis: Queen’s University, 1980. 

Carten, Ron, Representatives, Informed Consent and Psychiatric Rights: Participatory Action Research by Psychiatric Patients in Vancouver, BC, Unpublished research paper, 2016.  Paper reports on the findings of a working group of persons who had been treated in the psychiatric system and conducted focus groups around the question of representation agreements for patients who do not have the right of informed consent to treatment. 

Cellard, André. Folie et société au Québec: de la Nouvelle-France au milieu du XIXe siècle, Thèse de doctorat en histoire, Université d’Ottawa, 1988.  

Chupik, Jessa. Community and Asylum: Caring for ‘Idiot’ Children in Early Twentieth Century Ontario, 1900-1935. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis. McMaster University, 2005. 

Clarke, Ian H. Public Provision for the Mentally Ill in Alberta, 1907-1936. Unpublished M.A. Thesis: University of Calgary, 1973. 

Colbourne, E. An internship report and review of Blomidon Place’s range of services, referral and intake procedures. Unpublished MEd thesis, Memorial University, 1997.

Colls, M.H. Role of the mental hospital in the provision of service to the adult psychotic patient by the government of British Columbia. Unpublished MSc thesis, University of British Columbia, 1976. Thesis discusses the role of Riverview Hospital within the development of mental health policy and other alternative programs and considers the development of alternatives to the hospital.

DeLottinville, Carl B. The Asylum for the Insane: A Study of the History of Institutional Care and Treatment of the Mentally Ill in Ontario, 1820 to 1900. M.S.W. Research Report: McGill University, 1975.

Dooley, Christopher Patrick Alan. “When Love and Skill Work Together:” Work, Skill and the Occupational Culture of Mental Nurses at the Brandon Hospital for Mental Diseases, 1919-1946.  Unpublished MA thesis, University of Manitoba, 1998. Thesis discusses the occupational identity and surrounding culture of the mental nurse as different from the general nurse, looking at the poor working conditions, long hours and restrictive regulations and considers the gendered implications of the nursing profession.

Durst, Adrienne. Art Therapy: Three Models of Community-Based Mental Health Facilities. Unpublished MA thesis, Concordia University, 1999. Thesis considers art therapy and the role art therapy has played in community-based mental health facilities since deinstitutionalization.

Dwyer, M. Client satisfaction with services delivered in a mental health crisis centre during its first year of operations. Unpublished MSc thesis, Memorial University, 1998.

Edginton, Barry. The Formation of the Asylum in Upper Canada. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Toronto, 1981. 

Farrahi-Avval, Neyaz. Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs of the Institutionalized Chronic Psychiatric Patients in Two Ontario Psychiatric Care Centres.  Unpublished MSc thesis, University of Toronto, 2008.  Thesis looks at the oral health of psychiatric patients in two long-term centres and considers the way in which oral wellbeing impacts quality of life.

Francis, Daniel. That Prison on the Hill: The Historical Origins of the Lunatic Asylum in the Maritime Provinces. Unpublished MA thesis, Carleton University, 1975. Thesis discusses changing attitudes towards insanity in the early 19th century in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which in turn changed treatment and inspired the asylum. Considers the role of homelessness and poverty, as well as class inequalities and the number of immigrants within the asylum.

Gagnon, Nathalie C. Mental health screening in jails. Unpublished PhD thesis, Simon Fraser University, 2009. Thesis discusses the legal necessity of screening for mental illness in jail and two tools that were developed to screen more effectively: Brief Jail Mental Health Screen and the Jail Screening Assessment.

Gendron, Jean-Philippe. Autour de la folie: essai sur Michel Foucault. Thèse de maîtrise en sociologie, Université Laval, 2003, 169 p. 

Hackett, G.T. History of Public Education for Mentally Retarded Children in the Province of Ontario, 1867-1964. Unpublished D.Ed. Thesis: University of Toronto, 1969. 

Harabalja, Devon. The Experience of Going Through the Forensic Psychiatric System for Mentally Disordered Offenders: A Patient’s View on What Helps and What Hinders.  Unpublished MA thesis, University of British Columbia, 2008. Thesis discusses the positive and negative experiences of patients in the Forensic Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital and presents recommendations at both the clinician and system levels for better patient services.

Harold, Alison May. Psychiatrists and nurses: A sociological study of psychiatric ideologies and practices in an institutional setting. Unpublished MA, Simon Fraser University, 1978. Thesis discusses therapeutic ideologies and practices at the Crease Clinic at BC’s Riverview Hospital and argues that differences in psychiatric ideology are based on gender.

Jackson, Kevin. Victorian Madness in Ontario: A Mad People’s History of the Mimico Branch Asylum, 1882-1908, Major Research Paper for M.A., York University, 2016, 70 p. Taking a mad-centered perspective on institutional structures, policy and practice, and the experiences of patients, this paper reveals both institutional power and patient agency.

Johnson, Cornelia. A History of Mental Health Care in Manitoba: A Local Manifestation of an International Social Movement. Unpublished MA thesis, University of Manitoba, 1980. Thesis discusses the development of the mental health system in Manitoba, from the institution to community care, considering changes in psychiatry and treatment, disillusionment with the asylum system and the move to community care. 

Johnston, C.W. Whither the community in community health centres? The limits of primary care reform. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Toronto, 1999.

Jolliffe, Charles Kyle. An Examination of Medical Services at the Kingston Penitentiary, 1835- 1856. Unpublished M.A. Thesis, Queen’s University, 1983. 

Keating, Peter. L’institutionnalisation de la psychiatrie au Québec de 1800 à 1914. Thèse de doctorat (Histoire), Université de Montréal, 1986. 

Kelm, Mary-Ellen. Women and Families in the Asylum Practice of Charles Edward Doherty at the Provincial Hospital for the Insane 1905-1915. Unpublished M.A. Thesis: Simon Fraser University, 1990.

Khurma, N. Analysis, modeling and improvement of patient discharge process in a regional hospital. Unpublished MSc, University of Windsor, 2009.

Krasnick, Cheryl Lynn. Insanity as a Reflection of Morality and Social Values in Nineteenth Century Canada: The London, Ontario Asylum for the Insane, 1870-1902. Unpublished MA thesis, University of Western Ontario, 1981. Thesis examines patients at the Ontario Asylum for the Insane/ London Psychiatric Hospital, discussing the types of people who were committed, the administrators, and contemporary ideas about insanity and treatment, gender roles, sexuality and family life.

Libbiter, A.P. Asylum, commitment, and psychiatric treatment in historical context. Unpublished MSW thesis, University of British Columbia, 1994. Thesis discusses the interaction of asylum-based care, the dominance of psychiatry, and mental health legislation and considers the consequences of these interactions. Thesis covers deinstitutionalization and the development of community-based alternatives to institutional care.

Lockett, Donna-Marie. Evaluation of the Royal Ottawa Hospital Geriatric Psychiatry In-Patient Unit. Unpublished PhD thesis, Carleton University, 1998. Thesis discusses the increasing need for geriatric psychiartic in-patient programs, with a research focus on the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

Long, Anne. Sentenced to Penetanguishene: A Study of Reformatory Inmates, 1859-1904. Unpublished M.A. Thesis: Laurentian University, 1995.  PAT    LEG   IN

MacNicoll, Eleanor G. A History of the Care and Treatment of Mental Illness in New Brunswick. Unpublished B.A. Thesis: Mount Allison University, 1956. 

Macurdy, E. Ann. An ecological study of hospitalized mental disorders in British Columbia. Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1971.

Mate, John Joseph. The Maples: The evolution of a therapeutic community: A case study. Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1972. Thesis examines the therapeutic community and treatment process at Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre, Coquitlam, BC. Research is conducted from the perspective of the youths, the staff and the researcher.

Matheson, Elizabeth. The Perfect Home for the Imbalanced: Visual Culture and the Built Space of the Asylum in Early Twentieth Century and Post War Saskatchewan. Unpublished Masters Art History thesis, 2010. Thesis discusses how the built structure of the North Battleford and Weyburn Mental Hospitals became imbued with meaning and in turn shaped social relations. Considers how the hospital was perceived, experienced and theorized and the importance of ethnicity, gender and class in Weyburn.

McConnachie, Kathleen J.A. Science and Ideology: The Mental Hygiene and Eugenics Movements in the Inter-War Years, 1919-1939. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: University of Toronto, 1987. 

McDonald, Ruth. A Policy of Privilege: The Alberta Sexual Sterilization Program, 1928-1972. Unpublished M.A. Thesis: University of Victoria, 1997.

Moran, James E. Insanity, the Asylum and Society in Nineteenth Century Quebec and Ontario. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: York University, 1998.

Morrill, Michael. A strategic analysis of mental health services in Central Okanagan. Unpublished MBA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 2006. Thesis discusses the struggle to meet increased demand for community support, in particular at the Central Okanagan Child Development Association.

Neill, Roger B. An instance of Gestalt therapy with emotionally disturbed adolescents in a therapeutic community. Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1976. Thesis discusses the use of Gestalt Therapy for adolescents in an institutional therapeutic community and explores the use of gestalt therapy among middle and upper class patients.

Neufeld, Roger Elvin. “A World Within Itself”: Kingston Penitentiary and Foucauldian Panopticism 1834-1914. Unpublished M.A. Thesis, Queen’s University, 1993. 

Nijjar, Hartinderjeet. Improving community support programs for the mentally ill. Unpublished MPP, Simon Fraser University, 2009. Thesis examines the policy and the process of deinstitutionalization in order to suggest ways of increasing community support for those living with long-term mental illness.

Norman, William George Christian. A Chapter of Canadian Penal History: The Early Years of the Provincial Penitentiary at Kingston, and the Commission Inquiry Into Its Management, 1835-1851. Unpublished M.A. Thesis, Queen’s University, 1979. 

Park, Deborah C. An Imprisoned Text: Reading the Canadian Mental Handicap Asylum. Ph.D. Thesis: York University, 1995. 

Perrin, Burton T. Involuntary Commitment to Mental Hospitals: Why? Unpublished M.A. Thesis: York University, 1973. 

Pollock, Sheila Joy. Social Policy for Mental Health in Ontario, 1930-1967. Unpublished DSW Thesis: University of Toronto, 1974. 

Pols, Johannes C. The School as Laboratory: The Development of Psychology as a Discipline in Toronto, 1915-1955. Unpublished M.A. Thesis, York University, 1991. 

Price, Gifford C. A History of the Ontario Hospital, Toronto: The Development of Institutional Care and Treatment of the Mentally Ill in Ontario as Revealed Through the History of the Ontario Hospital, Toronto. Unpublished MSW Research Report: University of Toronto, 1950.

Reaume, Geoffrey. 999 Queen Street West: Patient Life at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1870-1940. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: University of Toronto, 1997.

Seager, John William. Mental institutions: Their structure, function and effectiveness. Unpublished MA, Simon Fraser University, 1973. Thesis discusses the shift from ‘total institution’ to community mental health programs with a focus on British Columbia.

Smandych, Russell Charles. The Rise of the Asylum in Upper Canada, 1830-1875: An Analysis of Competing Perspectives on Institutional Development in the Nineteenth Century. Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1981.  Thesis discusses the origin and development of the asylum, arguing that it was an institutional response to poverty but also created in order to impose social control on those considered deviant.

Smith, Kira. The Red Chair. Unpublished M.A. Research Project, Carleton University, 2018. Undergraduate reflection paper and novella employs creative writing alongside archival documents to reimagine to life of a female psychiatric patient at Brockville Asylum, Ontario over multiple decades throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

Stalwick, Harvey. A History of Asylum Administration in Pre-Confederation Canada. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: University of London, 1969.

Strange, Carolyn. The Velvet Glove: Maternalistic Reform at the Andrew Mercer Ontario Reformatory for Females, 1874-1927. Unpublished M.S. Thesis: University of Ottawa, 1993.

Stuart, Meryn E. Ideology and Experience: Public Health Nursing and the Ontario Rural Welfare Project. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: University of Pennsylvania, 1989. 

Verlaan, Vincent Leo T. P. R. Riding the decentralization wave: Social control implications of youth mental health reform.  Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1991. Thesis is a critique of decentralization-centred reform at Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre, Coquitlam, BC.

Vinet, Alain. Un asile psychiatrique au Québec: Institution et signification de la maladie mentale. Thèse de sociologie, Université Laval, 1974.

Vrooman, Tamara. The Wayward and the Feeble-Minded : Euthenics, Eugenics, and the Provincial Industrial Home for Girls, 1914-1929. M.A. Thesis: University of Victoria, 1994.