Vol 4: 1983-84

Phoenix Rising, Vol 4: 1983-1984

Vol. 4, No. 1, Summer 1983: Death by Psychiatry, Part II; Deaths in New York; 11th International Conference; Mental Health Act; Demonstration against APA (NYC) Book Reviews; Poetry.

Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 1983: Mad With The Truth; Interview with Samuel Delaney on Art and Madness; Withdrawing from Psychiatric Drugs (reprint from Dr. Caligari’s Psychiatric Drugs); Interview with mental health worker; Electroshock; International Conference on Prison Abolition; Book Reviews; Poetry.

Vol. 4, No. 3/4, April 1984 (Double Issue): Shock Supplement;
Interview with Richard Kotuk; Out of the Ashes (new creative section); Shock case; Secret Brainwashing Experiments (5th Estate Transcript); Book Reviews; Poetry.