Still Sane, 1985

Still Sane, by P. Blackbridge and S. Gilhooly, 1985

Bright yellow book cover with the title Still Sane and the torso of a womanPart memoir/ part art catalogue/ part essay, Still Sane was inspired by the searing 1984 sculpture exhibit of the same name that told the story of Gilhooly’s psychiatric incarceration for being a lesbian.

Barbara Kuhne, editor at Vancouver’s feminist publisher Press Gang, insisted that a book be published to take the exhibit to a wider audience. In the end it was the community that made the book happen, with a collective coming together to assemble articles to accompany the exhibit pieces and to raise funds to pay the printers’ bill.

Still Sane sets the house on fire. It isn’t pretty. It makes you angry.  Annette Hurtig, Out of Line

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