Textes inédits / thèses

Textes inédits / thèses

Art et culture

Alexander, Kathryn. Writing up/writing down a textual ethnography: Documentation practices in a mental health boarding home. Unpublished MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1993. Thesis examines the daily log from a community mental health boarding home written by mental health workers and discusses daily work shifts and social relations and some « forms of reading and writing [that] may also open up possibilities of resistance, creativity and connection within institutions. »

Durst, Adrienne. Art Therapy: Three Models of Community-Based Mental Health Facilities. MA thesis, Concordia University, 1999. Thesis considers art therapy and the role art therapy has played in community-based mental health facilities since deinstitutionalization.

Foster, M. A historical overview of art therapy since the advent of deinstitutionalization. Unpublished MA thesis, Concordia University, 1989.

Guirguis-Younger, M. Combining bibliotherapy and community-based intervention. An alternative model for treating depression in older adults with health problems. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Ottawa, 2000.

Katz, Y. Configuring crisis: Writing, madness, and the middle voice. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of British Columbia, 2000. Thesis examines literature and the concept of reflective middle voice in mad writing.

Leckie, B. That ancient darkness: Madness and implosion in Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid and Coming Through Slaughter. Unpublished MA thesis, McGill University, 1985. Thesis discusses madness as presented in two of Canadian novelist Michael Ondaatje’s works.

MacDonald, Tanis Louise. The Daughter’s Consolation: Melancholia and Subjectivity in Canadian Women’s Paternal Elegies. Unpublished PhD thesis, 2005. Thesis investigates notions of female filial piety and subjectivity through literary writings about loss and mourning.

Rees, S. An exploration of clinical workers’ attitudes towards the use of art in their therapy. Unpublished MSW thesis, McGill University, 2002. Thesis discusses the use of non-verbal methods of communication, such as art therapy, in social work.

Reid, Jenna.  Materializing a Mad Aesthetic Through the Making of Politicized Fibre Art. Unpublished PhD thesis, York University, 2019.

Steinson, E.H. The discourse of madness as structure and theme in the work of Timothy Findley. Unpublished PhD thesis, McGill University, 1998.

Truchan-Tataryn, Maria. (In)Visible Images: Seeing Disability in Canadian Literature, 1832-1974. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Saskatchewan, 2007. Thesis discusses how literature depicting disability that has helped to shape the Canadian identity, touches on the way in which disability intertwines with ethnic difference in literature.